Xiamen Chao Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was  established in June 2003 with a registered capital of 41.4 million  yuan, the company in January 2014 in the "new three board" the first  successful listing, the company name: Chao Yu environmental protection,  stock code: 430501.
Ultra-environmentally  friendly use of unique acupuncture technology to produce PET, PP,  Arcylic, PPS, P84, NOMEX, PTFE, GL and other high-performance  low-resistance air needle punching filter air filter bag, liquid filter  bags and cage, Filter,  and other filter components; products are widely used in electric  power, steel, cement, chemicals, smelting, carbon black, waste  incineration, paper, oil, mineral processing, dyes, pharmaceuticals,  food and other industries. The product has the advantages of high strength, good filtering  effect, good dust removal effect, easy operation of the workers, low  cost and long service life.